Farsh 2 is a 4x6-foot aluminum rug, intricately designed with Water-Jet cut patterns inspired by West-Asian and Kurdish symbolism. The rug is painted red to pay homage to the traditional design style of the rugs of the region. It features an expanded steel mesh backing for added visual interest. Wall-mounted, this contemporary fusion of tradition and innovation celebrates Kurdish culture and invites dialogue on cultural identity and craftsmanship.

This artwork serves as an exploration of the complex web of identity that envelops the artist, Roda, and his Kurdish heritage. It delves deep into the historical significance of traditional craftwork within Kurdish culture and, more broadly, the region's heritage. 

At its core, FARSH 2 becomes a contemplation of the shifting tides in the world of craftsmanship. It reflects on the migration of these cherished traditions away from their birthplace, driven by the lower labor costs and the convenience of mass production in East-Asian factories. The result is a poignant question that emerges: What happens when the very essence of traditional craft, the labor imbued with cultural significance, and the intricate symbolism it carries, are recreated in distant lands, thousands of miles removed from their origins?

The work was originally installed at 401 Richmond St West in Toronto.

The work is now installed at Erin Mills Community Centre in Mississauga Ontario until May 2025.

This project was supported by STEPS Public Art Residency

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