A collaboration between reality, the imagined and AI to create immersive panoramic spaces.

 The work utilizes scanned archival images that are then fed into AI to extend the image and imagine what is beyond the frame. These images are stretched into panoramas that are then turned into moving images through another AI platform. These moving images turn the still panoramic into a moving composition that further imagines what is beyond the frame of the images. These generated video clips are then projected onto a 360 projection screen. 

The work examines the experience of 3rd culture kids who live in-between cultures only having an understanding of their roots through images and imagined memories. The lines between what is real and what is imagined is blurred. The work also examines they ways in which AI is biased towards western imagery and lacks the ability to generate images from other cultures and communities and often defaults to western images, landscapes and characters.

The work was created as part of the Sari-Sari Xchange Residency and exhibited at RA:X as part of the Reel Asian International Film Festival

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