Marital Rug

This piece reimagines the traditional marital rug, infusing it with modern materials and symbolism. The artwork pays homage to the rich cultural tradition of marital rugs, woven by women in anticipation of their weddings. In this modern interpretation, the marriage of tradition and contemporary aesthetics is evident in the use of clear acrylic and LED lights.

 In the context of traditional rugs, these green voids symbolize a state of mental blankness, a spiritual openness dedicated to the devotion of God. However, in this contemporary piece, the empty green spaces take on a new meaning—they represent the artist's devotion to his love.

At the centre of the rug, a classic garden motif unfolds, reminiscent of the lush and intricate patterns found in West Asian rugs. This garden motif, often associated with representations of the Garden of Eden, adds a layer of timeless symbolism to the artwork. It becomes a metaphor for the artist's romantic paradise.

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