Tight  Spaces

Tight Spaces is a large-scale inflatable sculpture currently in production and to be exhibited at Nuit Blanche 2023, in Toronto Canada.

The sculpture's placement in the alleyway highlights the way that urban development can encroach on natural spaces, resulting in a sense of confinement and isolation. Additionally, the sculpture serves as a poignant commentary on the lack of human-centric design in many urban environments, which can lead to a feeling of disconnection and disempowerment among residents.

The inflatable medium used in the sculpture evokes the cramped and tight spaces that are a result of high-density developments, thereby encouraging viewers to think more creatively about sustainable, livable urban environments that prioritize the needs of people and the natural world.

Overall, the sculpture represents a powerful reminder of our collective responsibility to steward the land and resources we have been entrusted with. It ignites conversations about creating more human-centric designs in our cities, thereby contributing to a broader movement towards sustainable, equitable, and thriving urban environments.

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